Our Manifesto

AICV was established in November 1989 to enable all sectors of arts activity in Victoria to work together and to speak with a united voice.


We believe that…

  • everyone has the right to participate in and enjoy the arts;
  • the arts are integral to Australian life;
  • arts practice has profound intrinsic value;
  • a healthy, sustainable arts sector makes a vital contribution towards stronger communities and enhanced health & wellbeing;
  • a vigorous and stimulating society is as dependent upon a healthy, sustainable arts sector as it is on healthy, sustainable economic, social and cultural sectors;
  • Government and the private sector have a responsibility to support and assist the arts sector.


We support…

  • ‘arm’s length’ public support for the arts;
  • the involvement of peers in policy development, program design and the distribution of public funds;
  • the development of a ‘whole of government’ cultural framework within which arts and all other policies can be integrated;
  • clear, fair and transparent processes for the selection of peers;
  • clear, fair and transparent processes in the distribution of public funds;
  • the growth of a national network of state and territory-based arts sector peak bodies.


We pursue these things by…

  • providing a focal point for discussion, debate and action;
  • consulting with our members and with other artists & arts workers;
  • consulting and engaging with all levels of government, their agencies, the private & corporate sectors and with the broader community.


We urge all artists and arts workers to join us in these pursuits.