About Us

Who we are

The Arts Industry Council (Victoria) is overseen by the CEOs of Victoria’s peak arts bodies and a smaller Convening Group that runs the key campaigns and the Member meetings each year.

Council Members
(in alphabetical order)

Anne Robertson, Executive Officer, Public Galleries Association Victoria
Esther Anatolitis
, Director, Regional Arts Victoria
Gail Kelly
, Director, Australian Circus and Physical Theatre Association (Victorian based)
Georgia Cribb
, Director, NETS Victoria
Jenny Ryssenbeek
, Executive Officer, Victorian Association of Performing Arts Centres
Jill Morgan
, CEO, Multicultural Arts Victoria
Kate Larsen
, Director, Writers Victoria (AICV Co-convenor)
Laura Miles
, Executive Director, Museums Australia (Victoria) (AICV Co-convenor)
Michelle Silby, 
Executive Director and CEO, Ausdance Victoria
Nicole Beyer
, Director, Theatre Network Australia (Convening Group)
Patrick Donovan
, CEO, Music Victoria (Convening Group)
Veronica Pardo
, Executive Director, Arts Access Victoria (Convening Group)

Contact Us

Kate Larsen: 03 9094 7836 or email director@writersvictoria.org.au
Laura Miles: 03 8341 7344 or email lmiles@mavic.asn.au

Our Manifesto

The Arts Industry Council (Victoria) is an independent voice for the arts in Victoria.

We are a membership-based, peak body.

We represent a broad range of Victorian arts organisations and individuals.

We advocate for the arts in matters of policy, networking, promotion and assistance to ensure a healthy, sustainable arts sector.

We believe that…

  • everyone has the right to participate in and enjoy the arts;
  • the arts are integral to Australian life;
  • arts practice has profound intrinsic value;
  • a healthy, sustainable arts sector makes a vital contribution towards stronger communities and enhanced health & wellbeing;
  • a vigorous and stimulating society is as dependent upon a healthy, sustainable arts sector as it is on healthy, sustainable economic, social and cultural sectors;
  • government and the private sector have a responsibility to support and assist the arts sector.

We support…

  • ‘arms length’ public support for the arts;
  • the involvement of peers in policy development, program design and the distribution of public funds;
  • the development of a ‘whole of government’ cultural framework within which arts and all other policies can be integrated;
  • clear, fair and transparent processes for the selection of peers;
  • clear, fair and transparent processes in the distribution of public funds;
  • the growth of a national network of state and territory based arts sector peak bodies.

We pursue these things by…

  • providing a focal point for discussion, debate and action;
  • consulting with our membership and with other artists & arts workers;
  • consulting and engaging with all levels of government, their agencies, the private & corporate sectors and with the broader community

We urge all artists and arts workers to join us in these pursuits.

AICV member Forty Five Downstairs. Photo by Jave Lee. Installation by Naomi Ota, Tony Yap Company.

Arts Industry member: RMIT Gallery. Shelter: On Kindness, Greg Burgess and Pip Stokes; John Neeson, Lab Architecture, March Studios and Peter Corrigan, installation shot, 2009. Photo: Mark Ashkanasy

Arts Industry Council member: Kultour. Touring, Lisa Hilli: Installation view Just Like Home. Photograph Lisa Hilli 2009.