2022 State Election

In the lead up to the Victorian 2022 State Election, The Arts Industry Council of Victoria (AICV) is calling on all political parties and independents to actively promote policy for the arts and creative industries ahead of the 2022 Victorian State Election.

Following years of unprecedented disruption, it is vital that the creative industries receive increased and ongoing investment through what will be a long and complex period of recovery. “For Victoria to maintain our reputation as the cultural capital of Australia, a bold vision is required from government to ensure that artists, creative organisations, audiences, and our cultural infrastructure are supported to connect and evolve,” said AICV spokesperson, Michelle Silby.

AICV sees this as a vital moment for the creative industries in Victoria, with the sector facing significant challenges across creative practice, workforce shortages, and ageing infrastructure. Silby went on to say,  “Now is the time for ambitious policy settings backed by a clear multi-agency strategy to provide an optimistic vision for the future of creativity in our state.”

As a strategy developed in collaboration with the sector, AICV is calling on all parties and candidates in this election to commit to the priorities and principles of Creative State 2025. AICV members are uniquely situated to act quickly and nimbly in reaching and engaging creative workers and communities. “AICV will work with the next State Government on the refinement and delivery of Creative State 2025 as a whole of government framework towards a stronger more equitable creative industries sector moving forward,” concluded Ms Silby.  

AICV recognises the importance of placing creativity at the heart of Victoria’s recovery and is calling for additional targeted investment in Victorian artists and cultural organisations.

We call upon candidates to:

  • place First Nations culture at the heart of policy
  • ensure that public support for the creative industries reflects the diversity of Victoria
  • support grass-roots multicultural festivals
  • acknowledge and support the special role of artists and creative collaborators
  • recognise the critical role of arts and culture in our community
  • adopt a multi-agency commitment to the creative industries
  • invest in our creative sector for the good of the economy
  • invest in our creative sector to improve international relations
  • ensure creativity is supported in a digitally enabled State

Detail is available at:  AICV State Election platform 2022

Contact: Michelle Silby (Media Liaison) – 0439 260 190 – Email: ed.vic@ausdance.org.au


What the parties are proposing:

Labor Party

+ Opinion (Steve Dimopoulos – Labor) 

Liberal Party

+ Opinion (David Davis – Liberals)


+ Opinion (Ellen Sandell – Greens)

Reason Party