National Cultural Policy

The Federal Government has committed to delivering a new National Cultural Policy by the end of the year to establish a comprehensive roadmap to guide the skills and resources required to transform and safeguard a diverse, vibrant and sustainable arts, entertainment and cultural sector now and into the future.

AICV Response to National Cultural Policy Goals
AICV members acknowledge that the original 5 goals of the 2013 Creative Australia National Cultural Policy remain relevant:
1. Recognise, respect and celebrate the centrality of First Nations cultures to the uniqueness of Australian identity (First Nations)
2. Ensure that government support reflects the diversity of Australia (A Place for Every Story).
3. Support excellence and the special role of artists and their creative collaborators (Centrality of the Artist).
4. Strengthen the capacity of the cultural sector to contribute to national life, community wellbeing and the economy (Strong Institutions).
5. Ensure Australian creativity thrives here and abroad in the digitally enabled 21st century (Reaching the Audience).

AICV submission to National Cultural Policy 2022

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